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Here's Lookin At You Kid!

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GWB.....Fuck Yeah! [Apr. 29th, 2006|10:47 am]
Here's Lookin At You Kid!
Okay I am not a outright hater of President Bush like so many people are. I don't think he is evil and I don't think he is stupid......but he is a fucking terrible president. As I have said before though one downside is that he is the figurehead of the United States who is a terrible public speaker...

Read some of these:


With those being noted I think that GWB makes America look terrible because he is very inarticulate.

So what we should do......is get someone who is super articulate to be a press secretary as well as to make public appearances on behalf of the United States instead of GWB. My nomination is for The Rock!

At Wrestlemania XX he cut a promo before his match which made me realize how obvious this is. The Rock has great charisma and is genuinely an entertaining and articulate person naturally. The idea of wrestling and politics has worked in Jesse Ventura and The Rock could take it to a completely higher level.

Picture The Rock speaking to foreign leaders and saying stuff like this:

Kim Jong-il: Hello Mr. Rock, I am looking forward to discussing some things with you..
The Rock: Mr. Jong-il, what do you think are your chances of nuclear disarmament??
Kim Jong-il: Well I think it is......

The Rock: "Jacques Chirac, so you do not want to support your ally in the war on terror? Well you can take your Musée du Louvre and all wings of it..take your time and shine that thing up real nice. Shine it so good you can see your face in it....THEN TURN THAT SUNABITCH SIDEWAYS AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!"

So I think that when we have a president who speaks so poorly that it makes every American look bad to the world we should try to get someone to speak for him. I don't think The Rock knows enough about politics, economics, foreign diplomacy and about 1000 other things that a president needs to know....but neither does George W. Bush.

The Rock shouldn't be president....but whoever is in charge of the Bush cabinet needs to hire him because of the recent resignation of McCllellan.